Metabolic Imaging

Kayvan R. Keshari, PhD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; New York, NY

Research Interests:

The goal of the Keshari lab is to improve our biochemical understanding of cancer metabolism and use metabolic changes to develop imaging agents for diagnosis and treatment. Our work is focused on novel approaches including hyperpolarized magnetic resonance (MR) that allows us to create non-invasive MR contrast agents with dramatically increased signal intensity. We develop these agents and approaches in the preclinical setting for rapid translation to the clinic, allowing us to observe metabolism as it happens.

Timothy Witney, PhD
King’s College London; London, UK

Research Interests:

The Witney lab is interested in the discovery and development of new PET and MR methods to image tumor metabolism and the downstream effect of targeted therapeutics. 

The development of a new generation of molecular imaging techniques focuses on cancer detection, assess the efficacy of novel and preexisting cancer therapeutics, and help describe the fundamental biological mechanisms that drive treatment resistance.