Nanomaterials and Delivery Platforms

Twan Lammers, PhD, D.Sc.
University Hospital Aachen; Aachen, Germany

Research Interests:

Dr. Lammers is Head of Dept. of Nanomedicine and Theranostics, which is part of the Institute for Experimental Molecular Imaging at RWTH Aachen University. Research in the department focuses on the use of nanomedicine formulations for treating cancer and inflammatory disorders. Dr. Lammers’ primary research interests include drug targeting to tumors and to the brain, image-guided drug delivery, and functional and molecular imaging of liver and kidney fibrosis.

Naomi Matsuura, PhD
University of Toronto; Toronto, Canada

Research Interests:

Dr. Matsuura is an Associate Professor in Materials Science and Engineering and the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, with a cross-appointment in Medical Imaging at the University of Toronto. Dr. Matsuura’s laboratory specializes in designing new materials that can be remotely activated using medical imaging sources to guide the personalized treatment of cancer and heart disease. Her research program spans across multiple disciplines, from synthetic chemistry to physicochemical characterization, preclinical evaluation in vivo, and commercialization, with the eventual goal of clinical translation in partnership with clinical collaborators.