WMIC 2023

WMIC 2023

A Letter from the WMIS President

As the President of the World Molecular Imaging Society, it is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I announce
the details of the World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) to be held in Prague, Czech Republic September 5-9th,
The World Molecular Imaging Congress, organized annually, attracts professionals, researchers, and industry
leaders from around the world who are dedicated to advancing the field of molecular imaging.

World Molecular Imaging Congress
Date: September 5th – September 9th 2023
Venue: Prague Congress Centre
Address: 5. května 1640/65, 140 21 Praha 4-Nusle, Czechia
City: Prague
Country: Czech Republic

The congress will offer a unique platform for attendees to exchange ideas, present the latest research findings, and
engage in fruitful discussions on the most recent advancements and challenges in molecular imaging. We will
feature keynote speeches, scientific sessions, workshops, poster presentations, and networking opportunities with
renowned scientist in our field.
By participating in the World Molecular Imaging Congress, you will have the opportunity to:
1. Present your ground breaking research findings and discoveries to a global audience
2. Engage in thought-provoking discussions and debates on cutting-edge topics
3. Foster collaborations and network with fellow experts, researchers, and industry professionals
4. Gain valuable insights into the latest advancements and emerging trends in molecular imaging
5. Explore new technologies, products, and services showcased by leading companies and organizations.

We look forward to seeing you in Prague. Together, we can pave the way for new breakthroughs in molecular
imaging and contribute to the advancement of medical science. To confirm your attendance, please register today.
To follow updates on the WMIC program, click the Preliminary Agenda button above.

Mei Tian, MD, PhD

WMIS President

A Letter from the Program Chairs

What if imaging could…?

The field of molecular imaging consists of a dynamic community of innovators. In the last decade alone we have seen PSMA theranostics improve prostate cancer patient survival, the development of advanced clinical scanners for simultaneous imaging of the entire human body, and Nobel Prize-winning click chemistry exploited to develop ever-more-brilliant imaging agents. The molecular imaging pioneers of the past asked a simple question: “What if…”. What if molecular imaging could improve the outcomes in patients? What if multiplexed imaging could be used to unravel the complexity of human disease? What if we could apply molecular sensors to monitor our health every day in our own homes?

At WMIS we are united in our mission to improve human health and uncover the secrets of human biology.  Today, we come back together to ask that same question: “What if imaging could…?” as the theme for this year’s World Molecular Imaging Congress. To our diverse and brilliant community, we challenge you to think not of the next iterative development, but what the innovations of the future might be. WMIC provides a unique environment to exchange ideas, build connections, and foster innovation. Our collection of outstanding plenary speakers, cutting-edge spotlight sessions, interest workshops, and education sessions are designed to stimulate discussions and challenge you to think differently about your research. We are excited to join you in Prague and can’t wait to learn more about your science.

Vladimir Ponomarev, MD, PhD

WMIC 2023 Program Chair

Tim Witney

Timothy Witney, PhD

WMIC 2023 Program Chair

About the Meeting

The World Molecular Imaging Congress brings together people from across the globe who represent the entire spectrum of Molecular Imaging. These individuals gather at WMIC to exchange ideas and foster innovation. The scientific and educational sessions are replete with leaders in the field and young scientists alike, each of whom has made significant contributions to our understanding of biology, advanced technology innovation, and/or evaluated new developments in the clinic. These sessions are complemented by thousands of abstracts that detail advances and highlight the latest developments in Molecular Imaging. Our industry exhibitors and sponsors showcase their innovations in the exhibition hall and lecture hall, detailing advances that will refine your animal models, accelerate your research, and improve clinical care. Each WMIC session is packed with innovative ideas and cutting-edge research.

Molecular Imaging is a window into biology that enables discovery. We use these windows to investigate new biology and increase understanding, and the better we understand biological processes of living systems, with all of the contextual influences intact, the more effective our therapies will be in the clinic. Molecular Imaging lies at the heart of precision medicine. WMIC is the event that showcases all of the innovations in Molecular Imaging and shows the utility of novel imaging strategies in clinical investigation and the study of disease.

Molecular Imaging as a field lies at the nexus of innovation in chemistry, hardware development, software innovation, biology, and medicine, and the WMIC is where you will hear about the most exciting highlights and the most in-depth evaluation. You will not want to miss WMIC 2023 in Prague!