Category Chair and Subcategory Chair Instructions

Instructions for Subcategory Chairs

General Abstract Deadline- May 1 
General Abstract Review Deadline- May 19th 
Late Breaking Abstract Deadline- June 30th
Late Breaking Review Deadline- July 20th

Log into the Category Chair Site
  1. Click the link here to go to the Category Chair Site. The Category Chair Site is the main hub to see all reviewers and completed reviews.
  2. Watch the “Subcategory Chairs Help Video”. Note: this video was made in 2020. You will see instructions on how to log in and access the abstracts in your subcategory.
  3. Filter on your subcategory as shown in the video.  This will show you all the abstracts in your subcategory. Note: they will not be there until people submit abstracts. You will not be able to see them before abstracts close.

Reviewers – Deadline for reviewers to accept: April 19th

  1. It is your responsibility to recruit 8 reviewers for your subcategory. Please select reviewers from your network as well as selecting those from the pool of volunteers that have signed up. As a general rule, reviewers should be postdoctoral researchers or above – this ensures that the quality of the reviews is kept high.
  2. All reviewers need to sign up using the volunteer form link, which can be found here.
  3. You will be given a reviewer report for your subcategory to see how many reviewers have volunteered. 
  4. Check to see if you have enough reviewers in your subcategory. Each abstract will be reviewed by 6 reviewers.  Reviewers should have between 5-15 abstracts. Ashley Wren will confirm the list of reviewers for your sub category.
  5. If you do not have enough reviewers in your subcategory, please send an email to your category chair and Ashley Wren at

Re-categorize- All subcategory chairs should help recategorize

    1. One of your main duties is to assess whether the abstracts submitted to your subcategory would be better-placed elsewhere. Please review all abstracts and determine whether recategorization is needed. The list of the categories/subcategories can be found here:
    2. Let us know if any abstracts require re-categorization by copying the ID number and emailing it to Ashley Wren at with the category or subcategory you recommend.
    3. Reviewers may also help recategorize. If they feel the abstract assigned to them is in the wrong category, they can email their subcategory chair and Ashley Wren.

Abstracts are reviewed – General abstract reviews occur May 4th – May 19th

  1. All reviewers will be given a reviewer report. When they log into their profile home, they will see an access button for the reviewer report. The reviewer report will show the abstracts selected for them to review.
  2. Reviewers will judge the abstracts based on a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 and 2 signify top abstracts that have potential for an oral presentation and 5 signifies abstracts that should not be selected for WMIC. 
  3. All reviews will be shown in the category chair site.

Help stay on top of reviews: General abstract reviews occur May 4th – May 19th

Suggest oral presentations and rejections based on reviews: May 19th – 26th.

Note: most reviewers do not wait until the last minute. You can start looking at your reviews through the chair module on and after April 20th

We will contact you when the reviews are final.

We will repeat the process for late breaking and update the instructions.

Timeline for Late Breaking : Abstract Deadline June 30th

  • Reviews – July 6th – Jul 20th  
  • Suggestions for orals vs rejections – July 24th

To learn more about Program Committee and Category and Subcategory Chair roles, click here.