WMIS 2022 Awards

Gold Award

Dr Anna WU Co- director of the center for theranostics Studies and professor of the department of Radiation of Oncology has won the WMIS Gold Medal for 2022.

Roger Tsien Award

Brian Zeglis an associate professor from Hunter College received the Roger Tsien award for his contributions to the field of MI for the creation and use of novel chemistries to probe biological systems using noninvasive imaging approaches.

Young Investigator of the Year

Alexia Kirby is a PhD candidate at the University of Ottawa in Canada. Her PI is Prof. Adam Shuhendler. She has won the Young Investigator of the Year Award for her abstract “Mapping Concussion for Early Diagnosis by Molecular MRI.”

To view the full talks given by our award winners, check out the WMIC 2022 Awards page for the full videos.

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Clinical Paper of the Year 2021

Intraoperative Molecular Imaging Utilizing a Folate Receptor-Targeted Near-Infrared Probe Can Identify Macroscopic Gastric Adenocarcinomas

by Andrew D. Newton, Jarrod D. Predina, Lydia G. Frenzel-Sulyok, Philip S. Low, Sunil Singhal, Robert E. Rosses

Preclinical Paper of the Year 2021

A Trifunctional Theranostic Ligand Targeting Fibroblast Activation Protein-α (FAPα)

by James M. Kelly, Thomas M. Jeitner, Shashikanth Ponnala, Clarence Williams Jr, Anastasia Nikolopoulou, Stephen G. DiMagno, John W. Babich

Image of the Year 2021

Physiological MRI Biomarkers in the Differentiation Between Glioblastomas and Solitary Brain Metastases

by Elisabeth Heynold, Max Zimmermann, Nirjhar Hore, Michael Buchfelder, Arnd Doerfler, Andreas Stadlbauer, Natalia Kremenevski