WMIC Program Committee Roles

Program Committee Roles

  • Responsible for creating the WMIC Annual Program
  • Responsible for reviewing and selecting all scientific papers proffered for the WMIS annual meeting within budgetary and space limitations
  • Each member of the PC will be responsible for the category that falls under the purview of their respective subcommittees.  Within these, members will consider the recommendations from the Category Chairs. PC members will group abstracts into thematic sessions (orals vs posters; no more than 2 orals/session from a single institution) with recommended titles provided for the Program Chair/Co-Chair to review.  This construction will occur during 1 -2 dedicated half-day sessions.
  • Work with Program Chair/Co-Chair to reallocate oral presentations into different sessions if required
  • Work with the Program Chairs to select high-quality plenary speakers
  • Design high-quality spotlight sessions and work with Education and Interest groups in the design of the education and workshop sessions

Additional Roles:

 Program Chairs
  • Select the PC
  • Responsible for meeting agenda
  • Responsible for the development of the annual scientific program
Category Chairs
  • Choose Subcategory Chairs
  • Sign off on abstract recategorization as suggested by Subcategory Chairs. If an abstract is reassigned to their category, the chair assigns the abstract to a subcategory.
  • Monitor the review process and make sure the process is completed within the allocated time frame
  • Based on feedback from the sub category Chair – let Program Chairs know where content is missing and help recruit abstracts if content is missing
  • Review the scores across the whole category — normalize abstract “quality” between subcategories if required. Determine cut off for orals vs posters across the category and forward a prioritized list to the Program Committee for review.
Subcategory Chairs (may or may not be on the PC)
  • Alert Category Chair of abstracts that need recategorization or any anomalies in the review process
  • Vet new reviewers. If reviewers are not qualified, inform the Category Chairs and the WMIS office to remove these reviewers from the database.
  • Recruit new reviewers. Inform WMIS office of new reviewers to add to the database.
  • Review numeric scores from the reviewers and suggest quality cut-offs based on scores for review by the Category Chairs
  • Give a numeric score based on consistent criteria provided by WMIS in a timely manner
  • Alert Ashley Wren if an abstract appears to be in the wrong category