Interest Group Workshops - WMIC 2023

Molecular Imaging of Infectious Disease: Rundown of Latest Advances from Across the World​

Session Objectives:

  1. Appraise innovative imaging agents and techniques to enable accurate, real-time diagnosis and monitoring of bacterial, fungal, and viral infections.
  2. Examine cutting-edge approaches utilizing pathogen-specific tracers, multimodal biomarkers, engineered bacteria, and reporter genes to selectively detect and track infections.
  3. Assess global perspectives on overcoming challenges in infection imaging through translational research focused on elucidating complex host-pathogen interactions to guide therapies.

Nuts-and-bolts of AI for Applications in Molecular Imaging

Session Objectives:

  1. Appraise fundamental principles of deep learning and machine learning for medical image analysis, including common challenges and practical implementations.
  2. Examine case studies showcasing applications of AI in segmentation, classification, and predictive modeling of molecular imaging data.
  3. Assess skills and resources for developing robust AI solutions that enhance quantification and unlock insights from medical images.

Advancing Drug Development through Molecular Imaging (ADDMI) and Molecular Tissue Imaging (MTI) Interest Group

Advancements in Tissue imaging: Connecting Multiscale Pathology to Radiology

This session will showcase advanced multiscale imaging approaches connecting pathology to radiology, including mass spectrometry imaging of cancer metabolism, PET imaging of neuroinflammation, tumor-targeted fluorescence, and cryo-fluorescence tomography for precise correlation of breast imaging and histopathology. Attendees will learn cutting-edge techniques for comprehensive multimodal tissue assessment.

Advancing Molecular Imaging Probes: Bridging the Preclinical-Clinical Gap

This session will highlight advanced molecular imaging probes bridging preclinical and clinical research, including hepatospecific PET/MRI for measuring liver function, perfluorocarbon nanoemulsions for immune/stem cell tracking, and an AI-powered platform for automated PET biodistribution analysis. Attendees will learn about cutting-edge probes enabling precise monitoring of molecular processes.

Bridging the Preclinical-Clinical Gap From Research Tools to Radiopharmeceuticals for Clinical Use

This session focuses on utilizing molecular imaging to drive decision-making across drug research and development. The workshop includes expert presentations on novel probe design, translation to large animals, and deployment in human trials to deliver image-based data supporting therapeutics across sessions on multiscale pathology, preclinical-clinical gaps, and radiopharmaceutical clinical use.

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