WMIC 2013 Exhibitors and Sponsors

The WMIC thanks the 2013 Sponsors and Supporters

Ultimate Level Sponsorship: Bruker and PerkinElmer
Gold Level Sponsorship: Eli Lilly and Mediso

The WMIC gratefully acknowledges the following companies for their contributions:

PerkinElmer for sponsorship of the Gala Dinner
Bruker BioSpin Corp for sponsorship of the mobile app and Wi-Fi
Additional sponsorship by LI-COR Biosciences and Spectral Instruments Imaging, LLC
And a generous grant from Bayer HealthCare

WMIC 2013 Exhibitors
ABT Molecular Imaging www.advancedbiomarker.com
Agilent Technologies www.agilent.com/chem
Alpinion Medical Systems www.alpinionusa.com
Aspect Imaging www.aspectimaging.com
Best Cyclotron Systems www.bestcyclotron.com
BioActs www.bioacts.com
Biospace Lab www.biospacelab.com
Bruker BioSpin Corp. www.bruker.com
Capintec, Inc. www.capintec.com
Central Research Laboratories www.centres.com
CheMatech www.chematech-mdt.com
Chroma Technology Corp. www.chroma.com
Comecer www.comecer.com
Crystal Photonics GmbH www.crystal-photonics.com
CytoViva, Inc. www.cytoviva.com
Equipement Veterinaire Minerve
Fluoptics www.fluoptics.com
GeccoDots www.genovis.com
icoMetrix www.icometrix.com
ImaginAb www.imaginab.com
Innova Therapeutics, Inc. www.innovaresearchproducts.com
inviCRO www.invicro.com
ISMRM/ International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine www.ismrm.org
iThera Medical GmbH www.ithera-medical.com
LI-COR Biosciences www.licor.com/bio
m2m imaging corp. www.m2mimaging.com
Maccine PTE LTD. www.maccine.com
Mauna Kea Technologies www.maunakeatech.com
Mediso LTD www.mediso.com
MiLabs BV www.milabs.com
Miltenyi Biotec GmbH www.viscover.com
Molecular Imaging Products www.mipcompany.com
MR Solutions Ltd. www.mrsolutions.co.uk
Numa Inc. www.numa-inc.com
Opotek, Inc. www.opotek.com
Parallax Innovations Inc. www.parallax-innovations.com
Pepric www.pepric.com
PerkinElmer www.perkinelmer.com
PMOD www.pmod.com
Protea Biosciences Inc. www.proteabio.com
Radiation Shielding, Inc. www.radiationshieldinginc.com
RAPID Biomedical GmbH www.rapidbiomed.de
raytest Isotopenmessgeraete GmbH www.raytest.com
RS²D www.rs2d.com
Scanco Medical www.scanco.ch
Sedecal www.sedecal.com
Siemens Medical Solutions USA www.siemens.com/preclinical
Small Animal Instruments, Inc. www.i4sa.com
SNMMI/ Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging www.snmmi.org
Sofie Biosciences www.sofiebio.com
Spectral Instruments Imaging, LLC www.specimg.com
S-Sharp Corporation www.s-sharp.com
TriFoil Imaging www.trifoilimaging.com
Tru-Motion Products www.telemanipulators.com
UVP LLC www.uvp.com
VisualSonics www.visualsonics.com
Von Gahlen International, Inc. www.vongahlen.com
Xstrahl LTD www.xstrahl.com