Mission and Bylaws

“WMIS”“World Molecular Imaging Society”

The purposes of WMIS are:

  1. To promote international communication, research, development, applications, and the availability of information on molecular imaging and its biology and other related topics;
  2. To facilitate continuing education and communication in the field through publication of journals and other media;
  3. To work with or for, and to co-operate with local, regional and national governments and governmental and private agencies, organizations, companies and institutions in efforts to accomplish one or more of the above purposes;
  4. To provide information and advice on those aspects of public policy which are concerned with molecular imaging and related topics, and otherwise perform charitable, scientific and educational functions with respect to molecular imaging applications in medicine, biology and related topics;
  5. To ensure that scientists, engineers and clinicians working in the field have equal and fair opportunities to contribute to it.
Our Bylaws