Imaging in 2020 Conference Focuses on Imaging the Immune System to Improve the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer, Heart Disease and Brain Disorders

Academic, Industry and Medical Association Experts Gather to Guide the Long Term Future of Imaging

CULVER CITY, Calif., October 23, 2014 – The role of the immune system in the pathologies of cancer, heart diseases, and brain disorders was the focus of the Imaging in 2020: 2014 Conference, designed to discover new methods of using molecular imaging to image the immune system to better understand mechanisms of the diseases and improve therapy. The Imaging in 2020: 2014 Conference was sponsored by the World Molecular Imaging Society, the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Radiological Society of North America, Northwestern University, as well as a number of leading companies in molecular imaging, life sciences, in vivo diagnostics, and the biotechnology and medical device industries.

Imaging in 2020 was created in 1999 to advance the emerging field of molecular imaging as researchers recognized its potential to reveal the dynamic processes in cells and tissues that could lead to discoveries in the imaging, diagnosis and treatment of disease. Held every two years, the Imaging in 2020 conferences are structured to facilitate open and effective communication among basic and clinical researchers from many different fields in attempt to prompt multi-discipline discussion and collaborations.

Imaging the immune system was selected as the central topic for the Conference to explore and help solve two important contemporary medical issues:
• Why is vaccination successful in some cancers but has failed in many trials?
• Is immune system involvement in brain and cardiovascular diseases, including aging, far more important than is generally recognized?

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