Gold Medal and Roger Tsien Award Nomination

The WMIS Awards Committee is responsible for the selection of the recipients of the major awards bestowed by the Society. It is chaired by the Immediate Past President of the Society and consists of eleven (11) other members of the Society; one (1) of whom is the current President. Of the ten (10) other members, two (2) are past winners of the Society’s award or honorary membership of its predecessor societies; and four (4) are chosen from among the Society’s previous awardees/fellows. Except for the Immediate Past President and President, Awards Committee members serve for three (3) years. 

Gold Medal Award

The World Molecular Imaging Society (WMIS) Gold Medal is the organization’s highest honor, recognizing exceptional contributions to molecular imaging research that have significantly advanced our understanding of biology and improved patient care. This prestigious award celebrates innovative discoveries and approaches that integrate molecular imaging into science and healthcare. By nominating deserving individuals for this accolade, members of the scientific community can highlight groundbreaking work that has had a profound impact on the field, acknowledging these achievements on a global platform and furthering the mission of molecular imaging in enhancing both scientific knowledge and clinical practice.

Specifically, the WMIS SOP’s state:

  • “The Gold Medal Award shall be awarded to up to three (3) recipients per year for a major research contribution to the field of Molecular Imaging within the scope of the Society’s purposes.”

We will assemble the list of nominees and the Awards Committee will review the candidates and send its recommendations to the WMIS Board of Trustees for final action. The award recipients will be announced at WMIC 2024.

Past Gold Medal Award winners.

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Roger Tsien Award

The Roger Tsien Award recognizes an early-career investigator at the assistant or associate professor level for outstanding contributions to molecular imaging in chemical biology. Recipients are selected based on their development and application of innovative molecular probes/chemistry for non-invasive imaging, advancing our understanding of health and disease. The award, determined by the WMIS Awards Committee and approved by the Board of Trustees, welcomes both nominations and self-nominations. The recipient will be announced prior to and deliver a lecture at the World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC).

Past Roger Tsien winners.

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