This is Our Lab

This is our lab 2021. Sumbit by 9-7-21 for a chance to win. #WMIC2021

WMIS invites WMIC abstract authors and attendees to participate in This is Our Lab, a campaign showcasing each and every person who contributes to the outstanding research happening in scientific labs on a global scale.

These year’s participant labs will be prominently displayed at the WMIC in Miami and online through the virtual conference. The winner of This is Our Lab is awarded by WMIS with a professional promotional video.

This is Our Lab 2021 Entry Requirements

  1. Only labs that submitted an abstract for WMIC 2021 are eligible. 
  2. Labs must submit an entry form, including a high resolution photo of the lab to be used for signage at WMIC.
  3. If your lab has a Twitter account, please include the handle for us to share posts on social media.