Ultrasound Molecular Imaging and Drug Delivery (UMIDD) Interest Group: Strategic Directions

UMIDD-slim-landing-page-banner Strategic Directions

  • Identify and address shortcomings in technology and knowledge;
  • Attract students and fellows from chemistry, physics, engineering, biology, pharmacology and clinical medicine to pursue a career in this area;
  • Increase the number of women post-doctoral fellows and students in molecular imaging that make a successful transition to academic faculty positions;
  • Increase the number of top scientists from the physical and imaging sciences and clinical medicine who specialize in this area;
  • Provide the industry perspective on these developments and challenges;
  • Develop global collaborations and mentoring;
  • Develop industry collaborations spanning pharmaceutical, contrast agent and device companies;
  • Facilitate technology transfer;
  • Form an Advisory Group made up of successful scientists involved in UMIDD who would be willing to identify and visit potential collaboration partners;
  • Provide a stronger, higher visibility network of scientists involved with research of ultrasound imaging and delivery at all career levels;
  • Nominate ultrasound molecular imaging scientists to serve on relevant journal editorial boards;
  • Prevent duplication of efforts, enhancing cooperation and synergy with all other interest groups within WMIS;
  • Establish a subgroup for graduate students and postdocs who will develop workshop and seminar concepts.