WMIC 2023 On-Demand

Gain valuable insights from over 180 oral presentations and 574 posters on cutting-edge topics including multimodal in vivo techniques, immune cell imaging, and recent advancements in understanding diseases through molecular imaging. Listen to thought-leaders discuss their latest findings and future directions. Whether you’re a researcher looking to stay up-to-date or a student wanting to enhance your scientific education, these recordings will advance your understanding of the field.

WMIC 2023 Workshop Highlights

WMIC 2023 was kicked off with an ImmunoOncology Premeeting, which featured over 5 sessions and 20 international speakers, from junior faculty to senior investigators representing academia and industry experts.

Select Interest Group Workshops

Molecular Imaging of Infectious Disease: Rundown of Latest Advances from Across the World

This session highlights the latest global advances in developing targeted imaging agents and innovative techniques to accurately detect and monitor bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. This research aims to transform diagnosis, elucidate complex host-pathogen interactions, and guide therapies.

Nuts-and-bolts of AI for Applications in Molecular Imaging

This session aims to demystify AI and provide molecular imagers with essential computer skills to harness the power of deep learning for enhanced image quantification and insights.

 Bridging the Preclinical-Clinical Gap From Research Tools to Radiopharmeceuticals for Clinical Use

This session focuses on utilizing molecular imaging to drive decision-making across drug research and development. The workshop includes expert presentations on novel probe design, translation to large animals, and deployment in human trials to deliver image-based data supporting therapeutics across sessions on multiscale pathology, preclinical-clinical gaps, and radiopharmaceutical clinical use.

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