Award Opportunities

Young Investigator Awards

The World Molecular Imaging Congress proudly recognizes the outstanding commitment to research and endeavor of the next generation of researchers. To honor distinction in their work, the WMIC will sponsor a Young Investigator Award contest. One finalist will be awarded $2,000 USD and will be given the recognition of presenting their talk during the Closing Ceremony, and two runners-up will be awarded $500 USD each. 

Student Travel Stipends

A major priority for the World Molecular Imaging Congress is to support the next generation of researchers in our field. Selection of Student Travel Stipend recipients will be based upon the abstract grade and ranking, current membership status as well as travel award application. Travel stipends will range from $250 USD to $800 USD. 

Poster Awards

The WMIS will continue its emphasis on recognizing work of high merit presented in the poster category through poster awards of $250 USD. We anticipate awarding 10 such awards to recognize innovative science research by young investigators, including junior faculty. 

Industry Selected Poster Award

Abstract authors selected as poster presenters at the WMIC are now eligible to compete for a $250 USD travel supplement sponsored by our WMIC exhibitors. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to select a limited number of posters that represent ‘best’ utilization of their commercialized technology in molecular imaging research. Participation in this award track is entirely voluntary and requires specific actions to be completed prior to the deadline. 

Women in Molecular Imaging Network Scholar Award

On behalf of the Women in Molecular Imaging Network Interest Group, the Women in Molecular Imaging Network Scholar Awards are presented to members of WMIS, ESMI or FASMI who are presenters of meritorious scientific papers at WMIC Annual Meetings. 

WIMIN Outstanding Leadership in Molecular Imaging Award

The Women In Molecular Imaging Network (WIMIN) was created to foster the career development and advancement of women in molecular imaging through all stages of their careers, take an advocacy position within the WMIS on issues of importance to women in molecular imaging, provide leadership for career development opportunities for women in molecular imaging, and promote and recognize the professional and scientific accomplishments of women in molecular imaging.

With the Outstanding Leadership in Molecular Imaging Award, WIMIN wishes to recognize the immense commitment to leadership required to be a successful molecular imaging scientist/professional while tirelessly advocating for advancing women’s careers in academia and industry.

This award is intended to recognize an outstanding female molecular imaging scientist/professional who has furthered the advancement of women in STEM through leadership, mentorship, friendship, and active support of WIMIN’s goals and vision.

WIMIN Rising Star Award and Mid Career Award

With the WIMIN Rising Star Award and Mid Career Award, WIMIN wishes to recognize the contributions of exceptional early career women scientists (<10 years post-terminal degree, and between 10 and 20 years, excluding periods of less than full-time employment) who are demonstrating outstanding potential for contributions to the field of molecular imaging. Awardees are required to be members of WMIS and WIMIN and active in molecular imaging-focused research or industry. 

MINT Top Abstract

The Molecular Imaging in Nanotechnology and Theranostics (MINT) special interest group of the World Molecular Imaging Society is holding its annual get-together at the World Molecular Imaging Congress.

As part of this event there will be six talks from junior trainees/investigators that will be carefully chosen from the many accepted Poster abstracts. The presentations will be judged and scored by a designated committee. These 5 minute talks will be in addition to the Poster presentation. The top three talks will receive cash prizes (1st place: $300, 2nd place: $200, 3rd place: $100 USD) and an award certificate. Those who are chosen to speak will be contacted.

Questions regarding Awards can be sent to WMIS at