DEI Mentoring Program for Postdoctoral Fellows

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DEI Mentoring Program for Postdoctoral Fellows

WMIS established a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee in 2021, aiming to attract and mentor trainees from underrepresented backgrounds in their career endeavors. We believe diversity and inclusivity are critical in maintaining creativity, driving innovation, and tackling healthcare challenges.

This year, we, members of the DEI Grants & Trainee Funding Subcommittee, are launching a training program to provide a group of postdoctoral fellows with additional training and mentoring opportunities in an inclusive, safe, accessible, and supportive research environment. The first cohort of trainees in this program will help shape the training curriculum and provide instrumental feedback in all aspects of the program to help raise funds for the next cohorts of trainees. The goal of this training program is to develop a group of future leaders in molecular imaging science who will help maintain a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive molecular imaging community.

1)    The application is open to WMIS members from underrepresented backgrounds, regardless of geographical location.

2)    Eligible trainees must have obtained a doctoral degree at the time the fellowship commences. The terminal degree must also be within 5 years of the conferral date.

3)    Applicants must demonstrate academic excellence and high potential for success in their chosen fields, not necessarily limited to Molecular Imaging, as supported by scholarly achievements and professional references.

1)    Communication: To foster a cohesive and supportive research community, all postdoctoral fellows will be invited to join the program’s communication channel. Here, you can stay up to date with program news, share valuable resources, and seek input from your colleagues. The welcome channel will facilitate introductions and connections with your support network. We will provide a program calendar to keep track of important dates.

2)    One-on-One Meetings: We ask all postdoctoral fellows to coordinate with their matched mentor to discuss your projects, goals, and any concerns you might have during frequent meetings throughout your program.

3)    Individual Development Plan: All postdoctoral fellows will collaborate with their matched mentor to create an Individual Development Plan (IDP). The IDP serves as a roadmap to identify career goals and objectives, along with outlining the necessary steps for achieving them. The template for the IDP will be provided for your convenience. The IDP will be reviewed annually with your matched mentor to assess progress and make any necessary adjustments.

4)    Online Monthly Fellow Meetings: These are regular meetings with the postdoctoral fellows and mentors in the program, which allows us to discuss progress, tackle challenges, and exchange ideas.

Application deadline: March 1, 2024

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Information for Mentors

Interested in being a mentor for the DEI Postdoctoral Mentoring program? Please find more information and the form to apply at the link below