WMIC 2015: Interest Group Events

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Imaging of Infections (IOG) Interest Group

Spotlight Session 2
Moderated by Chris Palestro and Dima A. Hammoud

Novel Imaging Tracers for Rapid and Noninvasive Assessment of Bacterial Infections
Sanjay K Jain, MD, Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Molecular imaging of viral infections and their sequalae
Dima A Hammoud, MD, Investigator, Center for Infectious Disease Imaging, Neuroradiologist, Radiology and Imaging Sciences, NIH

Multimodality imaging of C. rodentium infection during antibiotic chemotherapy
James W Collins, PhD, Research Associate, Imperial College, London
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Optical Surgical Navigation (OSN) Interest Group

OSN: Device, Dyes, Applications & the Regulatory Process

Research 1 – New Probes
Moderator: James Basilion, Ph.D.
Speakers: Hisataka Kobayashi, Matt Bogyo, Brian Pogue
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Research 2 – New Probes
Moderator: Michael Tweedle, Ph.D.
Speakers: Jamey Weichert, Anna Wu, Eva Sevick
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Implementation of Optical Imaging: IND Successes and Pitfalls
Moderator: Eben Rosenthal, MD
Speakers: Erin O’Reilly, Dennis Miller
Panel: Paula Jacobs, Jamey Weichert, Kurt Zinn
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Devices for Surgical Imaging – What is Needed?
Panel Discussion: John Frangioni, Jonathan Liu, Chris Contag, Vasilis Ntziachristos
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Women in Molecular Imaging Network (WIMIN) Interest Group

WIMIN Membership Meeting

True Confessions How I Do or Don’t Do It
Dr. Elizabeth Morris, PhD, Chief of the Breast Imaging Service, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.
How to Balance Professional and Private Lives
Moderator: Dr. Anna Wu
Panelists: Maxine Jochelson, Anna Moore, Julie Sutcliffe, Elizabeth Morris, Kathy Ferrara,

WIMIN Happy Hour
The Women in Molecular Imaging met for an informal gathering at the Hilton Hawaiian Tropics Bar and Grill.

Managers of Molecular Imaging Laboratories (MOMIL) Interest Group

Role of Industry and Academics in Advancing Molecular Imaging Research
Michael V. Knopp, MD, PhD, The Ohio State University Medical Center
Jack Hoppin, PhD, Co-Founder and Managing Director, inviCRO
Andrew Needles, Senior Manager of Product Innovation, FUJIFILM VisualSonics, Inc.
Michael Heidenreich, Technical Director, Bruker Biospin Corp.

The hybrid model: Integration of academia and industry towards to a common purpose
Patrick W. Phelps, President and CEO, Sofie Biosciences, Inc.

Simplicity. Accessibility. Do what you know best. Share.
Uri Rapoport, Founder, President & CEO Aspect Imaging

Opportunities, challenges and recommendations for industry partnerships
Allison Harney, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Academic partnerships in industry
Kevin P. Francis, Fellow, PerkinElmer

Partners, predators and principles
John Gore, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Molecular clinical imaging by means of real-time multispectral optoacoustic tomography (MSOT)
Christian Wiest, CEO, iThera Medical GmbH
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Early Stage Professionals in Molecular Imaging Sciences (ESPMIS) Interest Group

Spotlight Session 1

Early Career – Young Professionals in Molecular Imaging
Moderators: Danielle Vugts and Ali Azhdarinia
Speakers and Panel: Willem J. Mulder, Brian M. Zeglis, Jonathan T. Liu, Kimberly A. Kelly and Greg M. Thurber

The Early Stage Professionals in Molecular Imaging Group – Goals, Mission and Projects
Thomas Reiner

Our field has changed quickly, and this is the advice I would like to give new postdocs and graduate students
Anna M. Wu, Julie Sutcliffe, Jason S. Lewis, John V. Frangioni and Christopher H. Contag
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Early Stage Professionals Introduction to MI Career

During the Fellows Meet and Greet in the stage area, Thomas Reiner demonstrated the new MI Career web page. MI Career gives you the opportunity to browse postdoc offers at different Molecular Imaging labs to find the right job opportunity for your skillset, so that your postdoctoral research will be a step up the ladder of success.
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Ultrasound Molecular Imaging and Drug Delivery (UMIDD) Interest Group

Spotlight Session 5

Translational Frontiers in Ultrasound Imaging and Therapy
Moderated by Charles Caskey and Chrit Moonen

Molecular Imaging with Ultrasound: Pathway towards Clinical Translation
Juergen Willmann, MD, Associate Professor of Radiology, Stanford

Sonoporation: Unfounded Concept or True Clinical Potenital?
Spiros Kotopoulis, PhD, Professor of Physics and Technology, University of Bergen

Focused ultrasound as a new mode of non-invasive brain stimulation
Seung-Schik Yoo, PhD, Associate Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School / Brigham and Women’s Hospital
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Molecular Imaging Based Companion Diagnosics (MICOD) Interest Group

Spotlight Session 6

Molecular Imaging Based Companion Diagnostics
Moderated by Susanta Sarkar and Hyunsuk Shim

Imaging Based Companion Diagnostics: An Introduction
Susanta Sarkar, PhD, Director, Translational/Clinical Imaging, Sanofi Oncology, USA

Development of small molecule companion diagostics targeting CXCR4 chemokine receptor
Hyunsuk Shim, PhD, Professor, Dept. Radiology and Imaging sciences, Emory University

Affibody Molecules for Molecular Imaging Based Companion Diagnostics
Joachim Feldwisch, PhD, Director, Preclinical Development, Affibody AB, Sweden

Companion Diagnostics/Tracer development: Clinical Studies
Wolfgang Weber, MD, Professor, Department of Radiology, Memorial Sloan Kettering
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