2020 Diversity in Radiology and Molecular Imaging

To facilitate healthy discussions and lasting change for an increasing diversity in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics/Medicine) fields, Stanford School of Medicine Department of Radiology and the World Molecular Imaging Society hosted an online webinar workshop on this topic. View the recorded presentations by faculty experts which covered research and educational topics related to diversity in STEM, such as (Day 1) Racial Diversity, (Day 2) Women in STEM and (Day 3) Global Health.

Day 1: Racial Diversity in STEM

Keynote Address
Radiologist-in-Chief and URM: Perspective on Diversity and Inclusion
Kasse Darge, MD, PhD

Racial Diversity in STEM
Daniel Chonde, MD, PhD
Barbara Jrome, MPH and Brenda Flores
Keshav Datta, PhD
Elisabeth Hawk, MD, PhD
Danielle Beecham

Keynote address
Using Social Media to Amplify Black Voices in STEM and Build Community
Brielle Ferguson, PhD

Day 2: Women in STEM

Keynote Address
Women in Academic Medicine: Unique Challenges and Opportunities

Women in STEM
Sumeyye Tercan, BS
Melika Rezae, MD
Belinda Asare, MD
Mana Shams., cand. med
Morteza Mahmoudi, PhD

Keynote address
Impact of COVID-19 on Women in Academia – What Can We Do?
Miriam Bredella, MD

Summary of Breakout Discussions
Heike Daldrup-Link, MD, PhD

Day 3: Global Health

Keynote Address
Medical Imaging in Tanzania
Jayne Seekins, MD and Justin Tse, MD

Global Health
Morteza Mahmoudi, PhD
Elisabeth Hawk, MD, PhD

Keynote address
Women Leadership and Global
Michele Barry. PhD

Keynote address
Expanding Diversity in Global Health Research and Capacity Building
Yuri Quintana, PhD

Summary of Breakout Discussions
Heike Daldrup-Link, Md, PhD