Molecular Imaging in Cardiovascular Diseases (MICVD) Interest Group: Strategic Direction

Strategic Direction

• Foster collaboration, networking and knowledge sharing among healthcare professionals, researchers, and experts in the field of cardiovascular imaging with special focus on PET imaging.
• Provide a platform for discussing advancements, challenges, and emerging trends in cardiovascular imaging technologies and techniques, in particular on NaF as a PET imaging probe.
• Facilitate the exchange of best practices, protocols, and guidelines related to cardiovascular imaging for both clinical and preclinical research.
• Promote the research and integration of artificial intelligence for the image analysis of PET imaging.
• Encourage the dissemination of research findings and innovations in cardiovascular imaging through publications, conferences, and presentations.
• Encourage the professional development of individuals involved in cardiovascular imaging by organizing educational events, workshops, and training programs.
• Regular meetings and networking events for members to discuss and present their work in cardiovascular imaging.
• Creation and maintenance of an online webpage in WMIS website to facilitate communication and information sharing among group members.
• Organize regular meetings, both in-person and/or virtual, to provide opportunities for networking, presentations, and research updates.
• Collaboration on research projects, publications, and presentations related to cardiovascular imaging.
• Encourage participation in the organization of conferences, symposiums, or sessions within relevant conferences to highlight advancements and research in cardiovascular imaging.
• Invite experts in the field to deliver presentations and share their insights on the latest advancements and best practices.
• Support and mentor early-career researchers in developing and presenting their work related to clinical and preclinical research in cardiovascular imaging.