Women in Molecular Imaging

1. WIMIN-IG Mission Statement

To globally engage and advance the participation and achievements of women in molecular imaging sciences. There are four goals designed to fulfill the mission statement:

  • Foster the career development and advancement of women in molecular imaging sciences through all stages of their careers.
  • Take an advocacy position within the WMIS on issues of importance to women in molecular imaging sciences.
  • Provide leadership for career development opportunities for women in molecular imaging sciences.
  • Promote and recognize the professional and scientific accomplishments of women in molecular imaging sciences.

Our mission is aligned with the WMIS goal of accelerating the global growth of molecular imaging in academic institutions and industry.

2. Spectrum of Activities

Initial Activities:

    1. First face-to-face WIMIC
    2. Recurring Activities:
      1. NIBIB Sponsorship of a WIMIN-IG Lecture at WMIC annual meetings that occur in the US (to start in 2013). The WIMIN-IG Lecturer will be an exemplary woman scientist who is both an outstanding researcher and mentor.
        1. NIBIB will provide travel and lodging funds to the WIMIN-IG Lecturer.
        2. WIMIS-IG Lecturer Nominees will be selected by the WIMIN-IG and forwarded to the WMIC conference planning committee for consideration.
        3. Establishment of a WIMIN-IG networking event to occur on the first day of each WMIC annual meeting.
        4. The format and content of the networking event will be determined by the WIMIN-IG Secretary and presented to WMIS Board of Trustees (BOT) for consideration. Potential topics for future events are:
      1. Development of Professional Skills at all career levels
      2. Leadership Skills for Senior Scientists
      3. Work/Life Balance
      4. Mentoring
      5. Transition from a postdoctoral fellow to a faculty position in Academia or to a scientist position in Industry (pros and cons)
      6. Obtaining funding
      7. Conflict resolution and negotiation
      8. Identify and address specific challenges for women in imaging sub-fields within which the representation of women is very small Publish/share stories/achievements of women in molecular imaging on WMIS website – it is my understanding that we will have a blog for each interest group.
      9. Post videos from key talks, and offer webinars

3. Strategic Directions

  1. Address the pipe-line issues:
    i. Attracting women students from chemistry, biology, physics, engineering and clinical medicine to pursue a career in molecular imaging
    ii. Increasing the number of women post-doctoral fellows and students in molecular imaging that make a successful transition to academic faculty positions
    iii. Increasing the number of top women from the physical and imaging sciences and clinical medicine who specialize in molecular imaging.
    iv. Providing early and mid-career women in molecular imaging with the skills and knowledge necessary to advance to higher level administrative positions
    v. Providing the industry perspective on mentoring and career challenges
    vi. Developing global collaborations and mentoring. Collect data to identify other issues of relevance, and to review and understand the issues that impede the career advancement of women in molecular imaging
    c. Form an Advisory Group made up of successful senior women scientists who would be willing to have one-on-one conversation with young scientists regarding problems that they might have at the beginning of their careers – interactions by phone, Skype, etc. (potential name is WW group – Wise Women Group).
    d. Provide a stronger, higher visibility network of women molecular imaging scientists at all career levels
    e. Nominate women molecular imaging scientists to serve on relevant journal editorial boards
    f. Nominate women molecular imaging scientists for membership in prestigious professional organizations/societies, e.g., National Academies
    g. Prevent duplication of efforts, enhancing cooperation and synergy with all other interest groups within WMIS
    h. Work with other committees/groups that have the shared goal to advance women in molecular imaging sciences.
    i. Coordinate with sister interest groups in other societies to share information and resources
    j. Establish a subgroup for graduate students and postdocs who will develop workshop and seminar concepts
    4. Leadership and Administrative Plan
    a. Secretary: i. 2-year term. The inaugural Secretary will be elected as specified in the WMIS Standard Operating Procedures. Subsequent holders of this position will be elected by WIMIN-IG members.
    ii. Responsibilities:
    a. Provide overall leadership for all WIMIN-IG activities
    b. Represent WIMIN-IG in all WMIS Interest Group Functions, outlined in the WMIS Standard Operating Procedures.
    c. Coordinate selection nomination process for WIMIN-IG Lecturer
    d. Coordinate content and format for annual networking event
    e. Identify additional activities for WIMIN-IG and establish ad hoc sub-IG committees to implement those activities as required
    f. Preparation and circulation of Committee meeting minutes, the collection and security of all Committee documents, and their delivery to the World Molecular Imaging Society Office as part of the records of the Society.