WMIC 2014 Poster Awards

The WMIS continues its emphasis on recognizing work of high merit presented in the poster category through poster awards of $250 USD.

The WMIC 2014 Poster Award winners were:

 Sean Arlauckas, United States

Choline kinase-targeted small molecule theranostics in murine models of breast cancer

Chemistry & Imaging Probes, Optical Imaging


Zhihang Chen, United States

PSMA-Specific Theranostic Nanoplexes for Prostate Cancer Gene Therapy

Chemistry & Imaging Probes, Optical Imaging


Alexia Daoust, United States

MRI relaxation properties of cerebrospinal fluid

Preclinical Cell & Tissue Level Studies, Neurology


Jörg Döpfert, Germany

Ultrafast CEST Imaging for the Rapid Screening of CEST Contrast Agents

Technology & Software Developments, MRI


Kang-Hoon Je, Republic of Korea

Ex Vivo Green-channel Autofluorescence Imaging Can Delineate Cerebral Infarcts

Preclinical Cell & Tissue Level Studies, Neurology


Jason Lamanna, United States

Safe and Effective Tracking of Ferumoxytol-Labeled, Clinical-Grade Human Neural Stem Cells with Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Pig Spinal Cord

Preclinical in vivo Studies, Neurology


Kenji Nakagawa, Japan

In vivo bioluminescence imaging of cancer cell response to hypoxia and inflammation during tumor progression

Technology & Software Developments, Optical Imaging


Takuya Tsubaki, Japan

Functional analysis of macrophage-like cells in tumor using optical imaging in vivo

Preclinical in vivo Studies, Oncology


Wei Zhang, China

SUVmax of Peritoneal Carcinomatosis may Predict Prognosis of Patients with Recurrent Ovarian Cancer after Initial Treatment

First-in-Human & Clinical Studies, Oncology



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