Oral Presentation Guidelines

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The World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) 2020 will feature a networked presentation submission system. All presentations will be loaded onto a PC server in the Speaker Ready Room and distributed to the session meeting room via LAN system. Loading of presentations takes place on-site and all presenters must check into the Speaker Ready Room in room “2.1” on the 2nd floor of the Prague Congress Centre before their presentation.

Before the Congress 

  • If your presentation data is linked to other files (still or moving images, graphs etc.), those linked files should also be saved in the same folder and the links checked in the Speaker Ready Room.
  • Only fonts that are included in Microsoft Office 2010 are supported. If you need a specialized font, it must be embedded into your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Please plan your presentation without using too many slides. Experience has shown that rushing through slides is not as effective as using a smaller number of carefully selected slides.

Windows is the primary operating system available for the presentation. If you have prepared your presentation on a Macintosh, please bring your own Macintosh computer. AV staff may not have Macintosh computers available for use. You must also bring a VGA adapter for your display port.

Prague Congress Centre Computing Environment

Operating System: Windows 7.

Applications: Microsoft Office 2010.

Monitor size: Widescreen – 16:9. Check your presentation settings to ensure proper screen projection without distortion.

Output: VGA (D-sub 15 pins).

Sounds, movies and animations playback are available on PowerPoint 2010.

To facilitate operation, the maximum data size is 650MB.

Only PC presentation and DVD players will be available. Slide projector, overhead projector and other video players cannot be used.

At the Congress

  • Bring your Windows presentation on a USB or CD-R that are readable by Windows 7. Any other media such as MOs, floppy disks, DVDs and CD-RWs may not be used.
  • All speakers must come to the Speaker Ready Room a day or at least 2 hours in advance before their presentation time. Please take note of the Speaker Ready Room hours below. Submission and initial review of files will be required during these times.
  • Check in with your moderator as soon as you arrive at the room. They will note that you are present and help familiarize you with the equipment before your presentation.
  • Please be ready in the “Reserved” seats located at the front of your session room at least 10 minutes prior to the start of your session.
  • Be aware that your presentation is being recorded and be sure to speak slowly and clearly.
  • You will have a monitor and remote presenter at the lectern to drive the presentation yourself.

Mode of Speaking During Presentation

English is the primary language that will be used at the Congress. However, because the WMIC draws people from many nations, it is important to speak slowly and clearly so everyone can understand.

Speaker Ready Room

The Speaker Ready Room is in “2.1” located on the 2nd floor of the Prague Congress Centre. The Speaker Ready Room will be staffed with technicians that can assist with your presentation at check-in.

Speaker Ready Room Hours:

Tuesday, October 6  14:00 – 17:00

Wednesday, October 7  07:00 – 18:00

Thursday, October 8  07:00 – 18:00

Friday, October 9  07:00 – 18:00

Saturday, October 10  07:00 – 18:00