WMIC at a Glance

WMIC at a Glance

Developing an MR Probe with Peter Caravan, PhD

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World Molecular Imaging Congress

WMIC 2021 will be held in sunny Miami, Florida, USA from October 6-9, 2021.

The meeting will take place at the Miami Convention Center on Miami Beach. Beautiful water views, sunny skies, and cutting-edge science awaits you at WMIC 2021.

We are looking forward to a fantastic in-person meeting this year. However, we recognize that some of us may be unable to travel to Miami in October, and are therefore committed to making the hybrid meeting experience as exciting as joining in person. We encourage everyone who can to plan on coming to Miami, while keeping in mind that plans may need to change in the coming months based on global health circumstances. Our registration policy will reflect the need for this flexibility. Either way, we can’t wait to be together with you this Fall!

About the Meeting

The World Molecular Imaging Congress brings together thousands of people from across the globe who represent the entire spectrum of Molecular Imaging. These individuals gather at WMIC to exchange ideas and foster innovation. The scientific and educational sessions are replete with leaders in the field and young scientists alike, each of whom has made significant contributions to our understanding of biology, advanced technology innovation, and/or evaluated new developments in the clinic. These sessions are complemented by thousands of abstracts that detail advances and highlight the latest developments in Molecular Imaging. Our industry exhibitors and sponsors showcase their innovations in the exhibition hall and lecture hall, detailing advances that will refine your animal models, accelerate your research, and improve clinical care. Each WMIC session is packed with innovative ideas and cutting-edge research.

Molecular Imaging is a window into biology that enables discovery. We use these windows to investigate new biology and increase understanding, and the better we understand biological processes of living systems, with all of the contextual influences intact, the more effective our therapies will be in the clinic. Molecular Imaging lies at the heart of precision medicine. WMIC is the event that showcases all of the innovations in Molecular Imaging and shows the utility of novel imaging strategies in clinical investigation and the study of disease. 

Molecular Imaging as a field lies at the nexus of innovation in chemistry, hardware development, software innovation, biology, and medicine, and the WMIC is where you will hear about the most exciting highlights and the most in-depth evaluation. You will not want to miss WMIC 2021 in Miami!