IOI Activities at WMIC 2024

Dima Hammoud, MD
IOI Chair
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WMIC 2024 – Call for IOI Abstracts

The WMIC 2024 program, taking place in Montréal, Québec, Canada, from September 9 – 13, promises a wealth of pioneering research and thought-provoking discussions. The Scientific Program Committee is currently accepting abstract submissions across various categories, including Bioengineering, Synthetic Biology, & Basic Biology; Cardiovascular & Pulmonary; Computational & Data Science; Immunology/Inflammation; Infection; Instrumentation; Neuroscience; New Chemistry, Materials, & Probes; Oncology; Systemic Diseases (Kidney, Liver and Pancreas). Researchers are invited to submit their abstracts by the June 14, 2024 deadline. More information on abstract guidelines can be found here. 

Abstract Deadline: June 21, 2024

If you have questions about content for your abstract, please reach out to Ashley Wren at


Molecular Imaging of Infection Updates: 2-Part Workshop

Tuesday, September 10th, 2024
10:00AM–11:30AM   |   11:45AM–1:15PM   


The WMIS Imaging of Infection (IOI) Interest Group symposium will focus on the latest scientific discoveries in the field of Molecular Imaging of Infectious Diseases. The goal is to provide a platform that allows higher visibility for scientists involved with research of infection imaging at all career levels. In addition, through these presentations, they hope to attract students from different scientific backgrounds and encourage them to pursue a career in imaging of infections.

  • David M. Wilson, University of California, San Francisco: “State of infection imaging overview
  • Sanjay K. Jain, Johns Hopkins University: “Bacterial imaging- diagnosis and treatment”
  • Henry VanBrocklin, University of California, San Francisco:“Viral imaging- pathogen and host-targeted”
  • Dima A. Hammoud, National Institutes of Health: “Fungal imaging”

The second session will be dedicated to junior researchers/staff scientists/fellows performing state of the art research in infectious disease imaging. Speakers TBD.


Tuesday, September 10th, 2024
8PM – 10PM

Embark on a unique networking adventure at the annual WMIC Pubcrawl! Mingle with Interest Group leadership and attendees at a local pub, immersing yourself in Montreal’s vibrant culture. Start at the designated Old Town bar for your chosen Interest Group, then rotate through the city’s hotspots, meeting all 14 interest group chairs. Learn about getting involved with WMIS while savoring local flavors. This unforgettable evening blends professional connections with a taste of Montreal’s charm. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to network and explore!


The incidence of infectious diseases and opportunistic infections accompanying other major illnesses is rising. Definitive microbiological diagnosis is challenging, especially for pulmonary infections, as interpreting sputum and bronchoalveolar lavage samples can be problematic due to the lack of a clear distinction between colonization and active infection. Histological demonstration of microorganisms in tissue biopsy remains the most reliable evidence of invasive opportunistic infection, but this is rarely available due to the risk of hemorrhagic complications. Many organisms that do not typically cause disease in immunocompetent individuals can become life-threatening in those with compromised immune systems, such as cancer patients undergoing immunosuppressive therapy, transplant recipients, and individuals with AIDS. The mission of the Imaging of Infections (IOI) Interest Group is to globally advance the implementation of imaging technologies as well as the development of new biomarkers for detecting and managing infections of various origins.