MOMIL Activities at WMIC 2024

Daniele Procissi, PhD
Northwestern University

Lara Leoni, PhD
Northwestern University
MOMIL Co-Chair

WMIC 2024 – Call for MOMIL Abstracts

The WMIS MOMIL Interest Group invites you to contribute to the upcoming World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) by submitting abstracts focusing on all facets of laboratory management and their operation.

Specifically, we are seeking abstracts that delve into various facets of laboratory management and operation with a general, but not limited, focus on:

1. Financial aspects & management: Strategies for sustainable budget allocation; cost optimization of imaging and laboratory services; evaluate current funding trends in molecular imaging and suggestions on innovative approaches for operating funds procurement; instrumental purchases and maintenance; identifying staff salary sources;
2. Laboratory logistics: Description of workflow processes; strategies for efficient resource utilization; requirements for operational growth and all aspects involved in practical implementation of molecular imaging studies.
3. Strategic opportunities for operational growth: Identify emerging research trends and adapting Molecular Imaging operations to new ideas; establishing effective outreach to seek collaboration opportunities, and leveraging technology advancements to drive innovation.
4. General management & leadership strategies: Best practices in team leadership, talent acquisition, training, and fostering a collaborative work culture.
5. Regulatory compliance: Navigating the complex landscape of regulatory requirements, ensuring adherence to safety protocols, and mitigating compliance risks.
6. Facility planning and expansion: Critical aspects of designing a state-of-the-art molecular imaging labs and important requirements for expansion of existing laboratories (new capabilities, dedicated space etc.)
7. Expertise and staff requirements for successful operation Molecular Imaging Laboratories: How to find multidisciplinary experts suited for MI programs?
8. Private sector and academia interaction and/or competition: Insights and experiences on the operational advantages of one sector over the other; expert staff recruitment challenges (what is better working in academia or private sector?); technical scientific comparisons of molecular imaging programs in private sector and academic environments.
9. Developing reliable and appropriate performance metrics: How are molecular imaging research laboratories evaluated? Is the number of published papers and funded grants an appropriate metric; Strategies for improving performance and productivity at every level of the operation
10. General operational challenges and strategic planning: Share technological advancements, and transformative strategies poised to reshape the landscape of molecular imaging research: From leveraging artificial intelligence for data analysis to implementing novel imaging modalities, show new thoughts on innovative approaches to propel your lab towards greater success and impact.

Abstract Deadline: June 14, 2024

If you have questions about content for your abstract, please reach out to Ashley Wren


"Navigating the Relationship Between Molecular Imaging and Novel Therapy Development Programs"

Tuesday, September 10th, 2024

Molecular imaging technical and scientific support is recognized as an essential requirement for biomedical research in both academic and private sector. Multimodal molecular imaging has also become essential for in vivo assessment of disease-related processes following therapeutic intervention with novel agents. Integration of imaging in the drug development pipeline is a valuable strategy for implementation of precision medicine and more recently theranostics approaches.

In this framework several opportunities exist to expand the ability of both academic and private sector facilities to strategically support and in some cases drive therapeutic development.

However, most institutions face practical, logistical, regulatory and financial challenges at both preclinical and clinical levels when attempting to establish streamlined relationships between imaging facilities and therapeutic development programs.

This workshop will aim at addressing some of the strategies to address practical, logistical, regulatory and administrative issues involved when trying to do this. Discussions will be driven by a panel of invited academic and private sector representatives who have active experience with imaging-driven therapy and theranostic development programs.

The session aims at providing attendees with several takeaways:

  • How preclinical imaging facilities can operate in order to integrate development of both imaging and therapy in their overall mission
  • How MI facilities can effectively navigate logistical/practical challenges, including radiation safety and animal regulatory requirements, when attempting to establish collaborative relationships with programs focusing on novel therapy, radiotherapy and/or theranostic research
  • A perspective on how imaging facilities in academic institutions can expand in the private sector and support theranostic and pharmacological research

Special WMIC registration rate for technologists and lab managers is available.


Tuesday, September 10th, 2024
8PM – 10PM

Embark on a unique networking adventure at the annual WMIC Pubcrawl! Mingle with Interest Group leadership and attendees at a local pub, immersing yourself in Montreal’s vibrant culture. Start at the designated Old Town bar for your chosen Interest Group, then rotate through the city’s hotspots, meeting all 14 interest group chairs. Learn about getting involved with WMIS while savoring local flavors. This unforgettable evening blends professional connections with a taste of Montreal’s charm. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to network and explore!


MOMIL has been revamping an existing shared database of instrumentation that includes all imaging equipment housed in labs world-wide. Sharing this information is intended to improve communication within the MI community and allow for easy identification of other institutions using the same equipment.

We invite you to participate in the database today!


The Managers of Molecular Imaging Laboratories (MOMIL), Interest Group of The World Molecular Imaging Society, is focused on connecting individuals who have the primary responsibility of operating molecular imaging laboratories that may be research laboratories, facilities that support groups of researchers, or service organizations. Our mission is to globally advance, synergize and bring together the management of molecular imaging laboratories.