Molecular Imaging in Nanotechnology and Theranostics (MINT) Interest Group: Strategic Direction


Strategic Directions

  • Foster effective collaboration between scientists from the physical and imaging sciences and clinical medicine
  • Provide exposure of the field to graduate students and postdocs in related disciplines
  • Increasing the number of women trainees in nanotechnology imaging research and help them make a successful transition to academic faculty positions
  • Streamline nanotechnology research in molecular imaging, by enhancing cooperation and resource sharing
  • Push for the standardization of common materials and techniques, to improve reproducibility and enable comparison of results from different labs
  • Nominate nanotechnology imaging scientists to serve on relevant journal editorial boards
  • Prevent duplication of efforts with other nanotechnology groups not represented by WMIS by having members report on key developments in other specialized nanotechnology and engineering (e.g. SPIE) conferences
  • Develop industry collaborations