Synthetic Biology and Reporter Genes (SyBRG) Interest Group

The interest group on Synthetic Biology and Reporter Genes (SyBRG) will focus on topics related to the development and applications of genetically engineered and encoded molecular imaging technologies. These technologies enable the observation and perturbation of cellular processes such as migration, gene expression, protein function, metabolism and biochemical signaling in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, transgenic model organisms and genetic and cellular therapies. The interest group will focus on relevant advances in synthetic biology, including gene circuits and genome editing methods, in addition to relevant advances in reporter genes for in vivo imaging modalities including MRI, ultrasound, bioluminescence, fluorescence, photoacoustics and nuclear imaging. SyBRG will emphasize the connection between synthetic biology and reporter genes, given that reporter genes enable the observation of synthetic biology processes in vivo while synthetic biological methods enhance the development and deployment of reporter genes in biological and medical imaging.

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Mission Statement

To advance the development of reporter genes and synthetic biology tools and methods for molecular imaging and their adoption in biological, translational and clinical applications.