Women in Molecular Imaging Network (WIMIN) Interest Group

The WIMIN Interest Group will foster the career development and advancement of women in molecular imaging sciences through all stages of their careers, take an advocacy position within the WMIS on issues of importance to women in molecular imaging sciences, provide leadership for career development opportunities for women in molecular imaging sciences, and promote and recognize the professional and scientific accomplishments of women in molecular imaging sciences.

MISSION STATEMENT: To globally engage and advance the participation and achievements of women in molecular imaging sciences.

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WIMIN Newsletter

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WIMIN Awards

2021 WIMIN Scholars

Carmen Azevedo, Stanford University

Simone Blaess, University of Tuebingen

Emma Brown, University of Cambridge

Martina Capozza, University of Turin

Mackenzie Carlson, Stanford University

Aisling Chaney , Stanford University

Samantha Delaney, Hunter College

Clara Erice, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Shadi Esfahani, Massachusetts General Hospital

Najma Fithri, Monash University

Andrea Galisova, Weizmann Institute of Science

Francesca Garello, University of Torino

Caroline Guglielmetti, University of California San Francisco

Vera Jörke, University of Tübingen

Anna Li Kenned,  Krieger Institute

Béatrice Louis, Aix-Marseille Université

Yingying Ning, Mass General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Oluwatosin Odubade Ibhagui, Georgia State Uuniversity

Madeline Olson, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Sofya Osharovich, University of Pennsylvania

Maneesha Rajora, University of Toronto

Samantha Reyes, Stanford University

Julia Stahl, Werner Siemens Imaging Center

Min Yang, The Fifth Affiliation Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University

Minfeng Yang, The HongKong Polytechnic University

Kai Zhang, RIKEN

Article By Heike Daldrup-Link
“The Fermi Paradox in STEM – Where are the Women Leaders?”
Molecular Imaging and Biology features an article describing the status of women leaders in STEM.
Read the article: The Fermi Paradox in STEM – Where are the women leaders?, by Heike E. Daldrup-Link, MD, PhD.

Click here to read the WIMIN IG Article: Women in Leadership Roles in Imaging, an interview with Drs. Bhujwalla and Wu by Helen McBride.

Click here to read the WIMIN IG Article: Mid-Career Women, by Helen McBride.


“WIMIN is divided into multiple subcommittees with specific activities to achieve our mission:

Social media and webinars sub-committee:

  • Coordinates the social media accounts of WIMIN to highlight WIMIN events and spotlight the work of women in molecular imaging.
  • Organizes WIMIN webinars series

Young scientist sub-committee:

  • Organizes events dedicated to support the career development and advancement of women in molecular imaging
  • Collates feedback from trainees to cultivate events and recruit senior mentors based on trainee needs

Fireside Chats  sub-committee:

  • Organizes events for those who identify as women inclusive of racialized people, LGBTQ2+, and disability
  • Facilitates discussion on pertinent issues that impact women in molecular imaging in a judgement-free and empowering space

WIMIN Academic/Industry sub-committee:

  • Organize networking events to connect academic and industry scientists and stimulate further offline discussions
  • Host the Industry/Academia “Tour” at WMIC to allow insight into industry-life and learn steps others took to arrive in their current role

WIMIN Awards sub-committee:

  • Facilitates multiple WIMIN awards to recognize the professional and scientific accomplishments of women in molecular imaging at multiple career stages including the WIMIN Scholar awards, Outstanding Leadership award , Rising Star award and Mid Career Award”

Visions by WIMIN:

  • WIMIN members contribute to this article series published in MiB focusing on topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion”

WIMIN Members Area

Strategic Directions
Leaders and Members