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Congratulations to Seoul National University, 2018 This is Our Lab Winner

34 labs entered the 2018 “This is Our Lab” campaign and only one took home the win – Congratulations to Seoul National University!

They will receive an in-depth video exclusive on their lab! Stay tuned for their video to learn more about their research and how they are helping expand the molecular imaging footprint!

34 labs were showcased at WMIC 2018 for the 4th annual “This is Our Lab” Campaign!

WMIS invited 2018 abstract authors to participate in the fourth annual “This is Our Lab” campaign, which began in 2015 with the purpose to showcase each and every person who contributes to the outstanding research happening in scientific labs on a global scale.

If you attended last year’s meeting, you may have noticed large posters with photos of labs from around the world. These labs were featured as the highest-ranked abstracts for 2017 and were largely displayed at the meeting to recognize their hard work and dedication to molecular imaging research. For the annual competition, we organized a special “This is Our Lab” scavenger hunt and the winner received a video exclusive on his lab to highlight and recognize all of the members of the lab and the important work they are doing to expand and promote the molecular imaging community.

In 2018, we continued this campaign with a few changes and invited WMIC abstract authors to be a part of the campaign. To be eligible to enter the 2018 competition, at least one person from each lab must have submitted an abstract to WMIC 2018. The deadline to submit was Friday August 10, 2018
**To participate in this excitement labs provided the following requirements:
1) One photo of you and your entire lab (high resolution image needed, please)
2) The name of your lab and institution
3) Title of your abstract(s) submitted to WMIC 2018
(If there was more than one abstract submitted to WMIC from your lab, please list all abstract titles associated with your lab)
The photos submitted were printed and displayed onsite at WMIC in Seattle. Additionally, it was posted on the WMIS mobile app for the entire Molecular Imaging community to vote for their favorite lab to be selected and named the winner of “This is Our Lab” in 2018. The winning lab of 2018, Seoul National University, will receive an in-depth video exclusive for their lab!

We look forward to your participation in This is Our Lab 2019 next year in Montreal! Stay tuned for updates! 

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