Imaging in Cell and Immune Therapies (ICIT) Interest Group


Recent developments in immunology and biotechnology have led to an increasing number of clinically available cellular and immune-therapies that require administration of biologics and cells of different origins. These therapies are based on novel immunologically active drugs and the ex-vivo manipulation of different therapeutically useful cell types (stem cells, lineage progenitors, mesenchymal cells, lymphocytes, dendritic cells, etc.) followed by local or systemic administration to patients. A promising role of cellular and immunotherapies in treatments of various diseases is reflected by the constantly growing number of clinical trials.

Until recently, immunostaining of whole-body slices of small animals was the most straightforward, reliable, and traditional approach used for assessing the efficacy of immunotherapeutics. However, the invasive nature of classical pathology precludes the repetitive monitoring of immune response in the same animal over time. Methods for non-invasive and repetitive evaluation of trafficking, homing, tumor targeting, differentiation, and persistence of immune and other cells and respective drugs would significantly aid the development of cellular and immunotherapeutic approaches and facilitate their implementation in the clinic.

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Mission Statement

To globally advance the implementation of imaging technologies as well as the development of new biomarkers for immune response and monitoring the efficacy of various cellular and immunotherapies there are four goals designed to fulfill the mission statement:

  • Increase and advance the dialogue and cooperation between scientists who would use molecular imaging for research in cellular and immune therapies;
  • Provide leadership for establishing international cooperation to advance knowledge transfer and education where needed;
  • Take an advocacy position within the WMIS on issues of funding for interdisciplinary research projects to identify and develop new biomarkers for imaging of novel cellular and immune therapies;
  • Promote and recognize important advances in development of related research to further advance integration of imaging technologies in cellular and immunotherapy.

Our mission is aligned with the WMIS goal of accelerating the global growth of molecular imaging in academic institutions and industry.