Imaging in Cell and Immune Therapies Interest Group Co-chair Opportunity


Annual Leadership Elections

ICIT is seeking a new co-chair to join the leadership team responsible for guiding the Interest Group’s initiatives and activities. The co-chair position is a crucial role that ensures continuity, fresh perspectives, and effective governance within the ICIT Community.

Application Process

Applications for the co-chair position are now open until April 5, 2024. The application process is as follows:

  1. Self-nomination: Interested candidates should self-nominate for the position.

  2. Eligibility: Applicants must be either a Principal Investigator (PI) or a Senior Staff Scientist working in the field of Imaging in Cell and Immune Therapies (ICIT).

  3. Application Materials: Submit a current Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Biosketch, along with a Motivation Letter (maximum 250 words) outlining your vision and qualifications for the role.

Selection Process

  1. Shortlisting: The ICIT Leadership Team will review all applications and shortlist candidates in mid-April.

  2. Community Election: The shortlisted candidates will be presented to the ICIT Community for a final vote at the end of April.

Term and Rotation

The co-chair position operates on a rotational system to ensure continuity and diverse perspectives:

  • Starting in May, there will be one new co-chair joining the existing two co-chairs.

  • The longest-serving co-chair will rotate out, ensuring a maximum tenure of three years for each co-chair.

  • This rotational system allows for fresh perspectives while maintaining institutional knowledge and experience within the leadership team.

The co-chair position is a vital role that shapes the direction and success of the ICIT Community. We encourage qualified individuals to apply and contribute their expertise to this dynamic and collaborative environment.

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