Synthetic Biology and Reporter Genes (SyBRG) Interest Group: Strategic Direction


Strategic Direction

  • Encourage the development and use of reporter genes and other synthetic biology tools in basic biology, disease biology and translational research
  • Provide thought leadership on the translation of genetically engineered and/or encoded imaging technologies into the clinic, as stand-alone diagnostics or as part of gene or cell therapies, including the appropriate regulatory pathways
  • Disseminate and encourage adoption of advances in molecular imaging by the broader synthetic biology community by engaging with relevant scientific journals and societies and encouraging attendance of WMIC
  • Identify “grand challenge” areas of synthetic biology and reporter gene research that require major breakthroughs
  • Encourage cross-disciplinary training of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows that combines the physical and engineering aspects of molecular imaging with the molecular and cellular aspects of synthetic biology
  • Provide a forum for researchers interested in reporter genes and synthetic biology to share ideas, collaborate and recruit trainees