Translation of New Therapy (TNT) Interest Group

The Translation of New Therapy Interest Group aims to uniquely align researchers from academia, industry, and regulatory groups to leverage advanced molecular imaging to drive therapeutic discovery. Combining the principles of diagnostics and therapy, the Interest Group fosters collaboration and exchange of knowledge and proposes innovative research in the pursuit of improved therapeutic options for patients. The Interest Group will address the challenges that occur at the interface of discovery, translation, and clinical approval of therapy.

Members of TNT are directly engaged in emerging, multi-disciplinary topics, such as theranostics, image-guided interventions, companion diagnostics, and co-clinical trials. Unique to the WMIS, the TNT Interest Group devotes particular attention to chaperoning early discoveries towards clinical maturation, which by necessity will involve broad stakeholder engagement across the entire compendium of the therapeutics discovery process.

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Mission Statement

To accelerate the translation of cutting-edge molecular imaging technologies into practical applications for personalized medicine, targeted therapies, and disease management.