Translation of New Therapy (TNT) Interest Group: Strategic Direction

Strategic Direction

  • To identify shortcomings in technology and knowledge in developing countries with a goal to improve training programs and cooperation;
  • To inspire trainees from chemistry, physics, biology, and clinical medicine to pursue a career in imaging-related
    therapeutics discovery;
  • To increase the number of post-doctoral fellows and students that represent underserved populations in
    molecular imaging that make a successful transition to academic faculty and attractive industry positions;
  • To increase the number of top scientists from the physical and imaging sciences and clinical medicine who
    specialize in molecular imaging-enabled therapy;
  • To developing global research collaborations and mentorship models relevant to molecular imaging and therapy;
  • To formally represent WMIS as part of complementary/related groups, such as the Coalition of PET Drug
  • To constitute an Advisory Group made up of successful scientists who would be willing to serve as ambassadors
    to- and collaboration partners of- researchers in development countries
  • To nominate molecular imaging scientists to serve on relevant journal editorial boards that publish molecular
    imaging-enabled therapeutics discovery
  • To collaborate with other WMIS committees/groups that have the shared goal to advance molecular imaging
    sciences in diagnosis and treatment of disease
  • To establish a subgroup of early-professionals (graduate students and postdocs) interested in translating new
    molecular imaging-enabled therapies who will benefit from networking opportunities, mentoring programs,
    educational workshops and related programming.